Monday, 31 March 2014

Papercut Forest

Aargh! I hate this messing about with clocks! My system seems to tolerate it less and less as the years go. Today I feel jet-lagged and feeble. I slept enough, but my body isn't really happy about the change in the rhythm and the disappearance of the light in the early morning.  I don't mind if the powers to be want to leave the time into summer time mode for ever and I technically would lose an hour of my life, just stop changing it. (That is rubbish of course, because I live the time I live, it doesn't really matter how it is measured).
I love papercutting. The forest was inspired by a card I received, but the idea of making a papercut for this shadow frame was there already. There is very little to say, the pictures tell it all.

The "door" open,  so you don't have the reflection of the glass, but you will see also bits, which are not on the show when the front is closed.

 I wish I could get myself doing these some more often, so I could get better at it. A good papercut is a fantastic piece of art in my opinion. (Mine is not really art, just craft).

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