Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Twin Gifts

As per usual I have been making gifts for our twin nieces. This time a short consultation with their Mum resulted in making things for their room, cushion covers to be precise. I cannot remember when I have last panicked this badly about something reasonably simple to make. The sewing stars were not aligning themselves at all. I had an awful time deciding the design, did not ever get a result which I was totally happy with, but as I was yet again very late at it, had to push on with what I had in mind.

The twins' Mum tipped me off with colours they favour at the moment, so that was at least decided for me. This one was easyish as the spotty fabric was readily available on the local high street.

Making the pink one was tough a journey. I suddenly realised that I had practically run out of pink material as I don't often use it for my own things. I managed to dig out a few pieces from my assortment of left over materials, but had to go and buy a bigger piece for the back and for the background of the "flag". My local shops seemed to have only a piggy and brownish shade of pink or the desired shade but in a design destined for the nursery. (And not very nice ones). In the end I made a lucky find in the charity shop of a pink cotton shirt, which was in good condition. That saved me from sewing one set of buttons and button holes as well!

The covers ended up all wonky, but hopefully it is not too noticeable when they are plump with a cushion inside them.

Crafting against the clock on Saturday morning I put together these cards to go with the presents and got them to the post office with fingers sticky with glue. I made it, but I am traumatised for life!

Have the sewing stars been aligned for you?


Josie said...

What beautiful cushions, the twins will treasure them always I'm sure. Also great that a charity shop got your pennies. Benevolent AND upcycling, how cool is that?!

Sandie said...

Sorry you went through so much heartache to make them, but can assure you they are appreciated and admired by us all! Girls have them in their beds and big sister has had envious thoughts! Thank you xx

Mama Elf said...

Josie: Thank-you. I love it when I can re-use or upcycle, but unfortunately many things in our local charity shop are now of inferior quality. (Just showcases general consumer habits of buying plenty, but not necessary of quality). It was a different story only a few years back. I still find good things once in a while.

Sandie: I am relieved. They sent me sweet messages on Facebook :)