Tuesday, 11 March 2014


I made these socks to use some of my odds and ends of woolly nature. Even when using up yarn, I still need to make the socks pleasing for my eye, silly, I know. I do use them at home all the time and they are "on the show", so I am not hiding them in my wellies out of sight.

These were the first ever socks I have made with the front of the sock knitted smooth and the back with knit two-purl two. It makes the pattern on the ankle visible and nice, but allows some stretch as well. That means that the socks don't need to be too wide around the ankles, I like them snug fitting.

I got so carried away with the pattern that I managed to make them a tad too long for me, even after I made a very steep and inelegant reduction in the toe part of the sock.

Do you have any good useful  ideas for using up left over yarns? Any ideas gratefully received!

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