Friday, 4 April 2014

Bathroom renovation day -1

We start officially tomorrow, but actually have done some preparatory stuff during this week.
This is how our delightful bathroom looked like:

Yes, there is a hole in the wall. We had to make it to investigate a leakage. This then led to stopping water going into our shower as the water was leaking inside the wall. The construction of this wall could be an example in a book of "How not to renovate your bathroom".

Husband took the shower screen and the wall down. (We will install new ones, the lay-out is the only possible for this room, if we want to have a shower and the bath.

Today he also peeled all the tiles off. We will have our last "splush" in this bath tomorrow morning and then all the sanitaryware is taken out.

We got most of the deliveries yesterday, but the sink area tiles arrived this morning. They are SO pretty. I had to play a little bit by making a pattern:

I love them, so excited to have them on my walls. I will try to keep blogging, but if there is a bit of a pause, I have temporarily disappeared into a plughole.

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