Monday, 24 March 2014

Pondering about the bathroom

This morning felt crispy when I set my foot in our back yard. The drinking water for birds had been frozen overnight. Nothing at all unusual for this time of the year. The surprising bit came when I heard in the weather forecast that the night had been one of the coldest of this winter. That says a lot about how mild this winter has been.

We knew from the word go, that the bathroom in this house needed doing. I was all for having it done before we moved in, but the best laid plans and budgets and so on...

The renovation is going to happen over the Easter holidays as we are staying at home and can be smelly without assaulting other people's sensibilities. The plan has always been to replace the odd beige coloured suite with a basic white one. Nothing fancy as such, easy to change colours and styles around it and it does not date that easily.

We (or rather I ) have been pouring over the selections of tiles, being mindful of both the budget and longevity. I ordered some samples:

They were all pretty, but it is funny how in situ the tile I least expected to choose was the best one. It is actually huge and could not fit the picture above.

As we both liked this one best, I started to work on the additional tiles I wanted for the sink area and the vinyl for the floor. This is what we decided:

The greyish background is the big tile for the bath/shower area. The patterned one is for surrounding the sink with.  It is a part of a "patchwork", so there will be a selection of six different patterns in the same colour. The dark piece is the vinyl for the floor and the white paper is there to represent the white sanitary ware. I am starting to get excited about this!

I tried to be smart with the picture, arranging the colours in their respective quotas. It didn't quite work. The walls will be white as well, so the dark vinyl and grey tile should cover approximately the same with lots of white.  The patterned one will be a drop in the ocean.

I admit that I despair with the amount of necessary, but "invisible" stuff we need to buy; the aquapanels to make the stud wall, the pipes and screws and such. We are doing this on a little budget, but I would not call it cheap...

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