Friday, 28 March 2014

White wardrobes, printing corner and a bit about paints

Yesterday evening I came home from my yoga class to the news of Elf Son having chicken pox. He has managed this suitably for his birthday weekend. Maybe he takes after me...I had it even older and to my birthday too! At fourteen the experience was mind-blowing for all the wrong reasons, but  at least I am in no doubt that I have had it!

Our bog-standard fitted wardrobes from IKEA from our last house were brown and not very nice brown at that. We decided to take them with us, as buying new ones would have meant a big dent into our small budget. To make them nicer to look at, I decided to paint them white. For this job I chose "Annie Sloane" paint. It is a chalk paint and comes in various colours. Mine is "old white".  The good thing about this paint is that it does not have any nasties in it. It does not stink and as a bonus you do not need to sand or prime otherwise the object you are going to paint. The downside? Well, you have to wax and polish it to make the surface withstand usage. There are a lot of different layering techniques too, to make the result to look "shabby chic". As I was not that interested in the effect, I just used a good synthetic brush to get quite even result.

The result is by no means even, if you compare to a "normal" wood paint. I like it as it is, so everything is fine. I also used it in the outside of our shoe rack. If you want to repaint, you do not need to take the wax away, just paint over it.

This is the "missing corner" I did not show from our bedroom. The trolley has our two printers and a scanner and place to put a laptop on. It is a really useful feature as it means that we don't need to have these space hoggers on our desks. You can see my "printer cover tablecloth" on the lower shelf.

My visitors mentioned that the bedroom did not look nearly as big in the pictures as it is in reality. I must make a series of pictures, which showcases the floorspace.

Do you have favourite "natural" paints? I would like to hear, since the doing-up our house is not even nearly done and I am always on a look-out for good products. I have a post brewing about ur experiences with paints and floor treatments. Watch this space.

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