Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Bad Elf

Sooo long time away. That makes me a bad elf already,  but what I had in my mind was to declare the


Bad Elves


The bad elves are those who 
  1. Make so complicated gifts that at some point of the production swearing is needed.
  2.  Then covet the gifts they have made.

You can add more criteria in the comments and/or join the club here.

As the season is mostly about gifts and they cannot be showed for a good while, I will show you things I have made while I have not been blogging.

I feel this is an old hat now, but it is one of those birthday gifts I make in hope of getting children to appreciate handmade and at the same time avoiding to add to their pile of plastic.
The picture above is a PE bag. I added two pockets on outside for the sand shoes. She also got a pencil case.

Actually I think i could easily use these things....hm... Bad Elf vibes again. Luckily these items have been gifted away long time ago!

As it would be awkward not to mention it, our family unfortunately became a part of 1/3 statistics; the adoption we were working on broke down. We have worked hard to get ourselves up from the floor again and are left with sadness and hope and also great respect for those who adopt.