Thursday, 20 March 2014

Cushion Cover Remake

We have couple of BIG cushions on our bed. They are handy, when we want to read in a more upright position. One of them is covered with red polka-dot fabric and another has had this very wild turquoise number on it. It was never intended on our bed with those colours. I had a plan to use a lovely old, square, white tablecloth. This I planned to use to make the front with. When I dug it out from my stash, I noticed that it was bigger than this cushion. The embroidery and all the work on it was far too nice to sacrifice by cutting, so I reverted to plan B.

Plan B was to use an embroidered tablecloth I had bought from a charity shop for a while ago for this type of use. It has been covering our printers. The cloth was actually big enough to make a cushion cover and printer cover, so now I have unintentionally matched textiles in our bedroom.

I chose to leave an opening and fasten it with ribbons. Quite often I use a zip (which I did not have, while the mood to make this took me) and  sewing it shut was to make too much of rod for my own back for later as a white cushion cover will need frequent washing.

It sits nicely on our colourful bed with all the polka-dots, gingham and the mad bird cushion.

Have you been up-cycling or re-purposing old textiles? I would love to see! Leave a comment and a link, if you have.

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