Saturday, 1 March 2014

Life, Universe and Everything

 Long time no see. Well. I have been humming and haring about what to do to this blog, to my life and the Universe. I am back and intend to blog more about the life in general and keep this as my personal diary of what I am thinking and doing. You are welcome to read it too, if it interests you.

Lately I have been in process of making patterns for a line of bags I intend to make and sell. Deciding what type of materials and models I am producing has taken quite a while and I have been bothering both friends and family with questions and musings. I hope to show you soon the first fruits of the production.

My philosophy of making things for sale is in line with my own values; they need to be simple, practical, durable and hopefully beautiful. I have had qualms of whether I can justify to produce more goods into the world, which is already bursting with things. By making bags and dolls, both something pretty personal and useful, I hope that I can persuade a few people to buy with thought of sustainability.

Personally, I use both my bags and clothes until they are not fit to use any more. When I make or buy new, I try to choose well-made and good quality natural materials. I repair, re-use and recycle, in that order. I just patched up a couple of flat sheets, which had holes in them. To my surprise I could still remember from the school needle craft lessons how to do this. I doubt that very many people do it any more or even know how to.  A quick look on Google didn't reveal an article or video on this! That's a first. Maybe I should make one.

We have used fabric napkins for a good while and this has a big effect on how much paper kitchen towel  is used in our kitchen. Washing of the napkins is no extra load as the white washing they go into, would have been done anyway. We have tried a number of different napkins, but my favourite ones are made out of IKEA tea towels by cutting each towel in four pieces and hemming them. I have just sewed a new set as our old ones are quite grubby.

Now that I am back, I will show you some of the things I have made while it has been quiet here on the blog. Stay tuned in!

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