Friday, 14 March 2014

Take two of the jacket

I made a jacket a few years back out of Ottobre pattern, although I did change it quite a lot. I loved the jacket and wore it a lot. A while ago I noticed that I had not been wearing it this winter and wondered why. The colour? Model? No, it was still a lovely jacket, just so worn out that I could not wear it out of the house! Time to make a new one, I thought. I am trying to sew from my stash as far as possible and I had been marinating a lovely herringbone patterned wool for quite sometime. This is not boiled wool, so sewing was a bit more difficult.

 I decided to bind the edges to make a neat finish inside the jacket as I did not want to have a lining. I use these jackets as one might use a cardigan; for warm clothing during the winter and instead of a jacket in the summer. I am not so sure about the summer bit with this one as the fabric has a  very wintery pattern.

This time I chose three buttons, like the pattern recommended.

As a first I also made bound buttonholes. (Certainly not in the pattern).

I used lining silk around the neckline and front opening to decrease the bulk. Admittedly I was very proud of this as the woollen fabric is not the easiest material to bind the buttonholes in.

 The sleeves were altered to be long again and I dropped the satin ribbon on the pockets.  I did install them on a slant like in the pattern.

I am pleased with this jacket and hope that it will serve me maybe even longer than the previous one due to the better quality material.

Have a lovely weekend! I am looking forward to a family visit from afar, so will be busy entertaining.  I love having guests and squeeze every ounce of enjoyment out of the occasion when anybody makes it to our shores. 

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