Saturday, 22 March 2014

Ehm...What's that?

It is a waterproof cover for our newly installed washing line.

 The line is actually meant for indoor use, but as we had it, we decided to use it as long as it lasts in our yard. To prolong its life, I sewed a cover for it against the UV radiation and water. It is used when the line is not in use.

This is the type of sewing is what I probably do most; mending, altering and making stuff, which is not necessarily pretty, but useful. It might not be the most inspiring to show, but it is very satisfying for me to know that I can do these things and prolong the usage.

It pains me when I hear that people don't know how to sew a button back on their clothing. In sewing terms it is equal of "I don't know how to boil an egg". Even if your needlework lessons were useless or in worst case non-existent, you can certainly find instructions on YouTube and other places on the net. A packet of needles and a reel of cotton lasts long and is a low cost investment to keep your garments going.  Sorry. I think I might be preaching for converted. I just could not believe this "cannot sew a button" statement, when I first heard it uttered, but had to revise my beliefs when I had heard it several times.

Hopefully you can sew a button on. If not, here are the instructions:

Happy Mending!


Sandie said...

Ha! I guessed correctly! What a good idea

Mama Elf said...

Well, it's a make-do what with you have idea.