Saturday, 3 April 2010

April is here Part 2

Sorry about the confusion, but if you just got here, scroll down and read the part 1 first. Blogger doesn't allow for miles long posts obviously, or I had a technical hiccup.  So, where was I? Yes, the dolls. The dolls were made for small children, so no weighting pearls or rice in the dolls, the only thing I ask people to take off the dolls is the shoes and hair ribbons should the child be under three years old. I love painted doll faces, but for small children it is safer to keep to embroidery. Similarly I could not use lovely buttons to embelish, but never mind, I think the dolls are rather cool still.
I made an improved version of my own phone cover in multitude, here are some of them:

I also made some luggage tags, similar to what I made for my own holidays. I don't think I have blogged about them. They are colourful and help to identify your luggage on the carousel and at the same time your contact details are kept hidden from the world.

I like to make my own cards and had developed this design not so long ago...It is a little flower appliqued on a piece of fabric and an embroidery running stitch around it. I also made some freehand papercut cards for children, but don't have any pictures of them as yet.

I had made these applique pictures a while ago, but finished them off and framed them. In the pictures they don't have frames and the one in the embroidery hoop was reverse appliqued on a piece of dark blue calico.
This is "Pirita Dances on Ice"

And the second one is called "This Must Reach the Evening Post"

I have to admit to be the most rubbish blogger, because I am going away AGAIN. This time the whole family is going to travel to East Anglia to see Papa Elf's family and breath some hopefully warmer spring air. I so hope that the weather has warmed up when we are back to inspire me to go  to my garden. At the moment it is totally impossible to do anything as I don't have a greenhouse. (That though means less crafting=less blogging, unless this blog temporarly becomes a gardening one. Hmm, maybe)
I wish you all a very happy Easter with these lovely daffodills. I have been lately indulging myself in homegrown ones in vases...

April is here Part 1

 Yihaa! I had this calendar page on my fridge door all ready to go on 31.3. I followed the March page in style as it was easy to create and colourful to watch. 
I can see that many of my posts carry apologies for bad pictures due bad light. I managed to snap some pictures of my recent production, while the sun was out(just a little, so image quality isn't quite as good as I could wish for), so you can see why my fingertips have been smoking. (And why I haven't answered anyone's emails, texts and calls). The Elf son's school had a fundraising shopping event and I usually offer my skills as a therapist for the evening to raise money. This time I did just that and in addition had a little table with my crafts as well.
Here are the Livia Dolls from April '10 Edition:

I think these girls are rather cute and to accompany them there were two Wolfie boy dolls: