Saturday, 9 March 2013

Twin Bags

I made these bags a bit over a week ago for our favourite twin nieces, R and L. They had birthday and had wished for tote bags. The bags were well received and I hope they get some use!

The orange one has the thin material outside and is lined with the thicker one for durability. R likes orange and this was the only big enough piece of material I had in that colour. It was actually up-cycled from a thrift shop bought skirt.

The little buttons were a detail in the skirt and I left them as a decoration. I added a pocket on the outside, also lined.

On the inside I sewed another pocket, this time from a quilting cotton, which went with the colours.

L likes darker colours, so she got a psychedelic black and white bag.

I added a black and white buttons on the straps on the both sides and a pocket, this time no lining.

 The material of the white and black bag was thick, so lining was just sheeting cotton in black. The pocket was made of the same material as the outer shell, contrasting nicely with the lining.

Now I quite fancy having one of these myself. Which colour should I choose....?

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