Monday, 25 March 2013

March Journal day 25

Today's task was to tick items on the given list, which were a part of your day.

Here is my list

I thought of waiting a bit to get "exercise"and possibly "a smile of a stranger" ticks, but had forgotten that Elf Husband has a meeting today and had to take our car. So no beach walk for Elf Son and I.

I had to put that cheesy grin on the cat's face. There are two cats going through our garden regularly and this is how one of them looks like. I like cats, but not when they are after the little birds. The black cat would definitely give this "Cheshire Cat" smile to a child, it's quite tame if child approaches, but legs it, if an adult tries to say hi.

I have just started on a new quilt, the fabrics and colours are far more traditional than my normal fare.  We will see what the end result is. I am not known for keeping to the plan, exactly.

It's so unseasonally cold here that the weather certainly is mentioned all over the place. I had to give some extra clothing to these girls in happy colours. Wonder what they had thought of the colours, had they had the chance of wearing them? (They are my great grandmother and her sister). Their participation in today's topic is a totally random thing.


Tuire Flemming said...

Non nih! Nyt niitä hölmösti hymyileviä elukoita on jo sielläkin :D
Mulla jäi tän päivän sivu huomiseen, luulisin... Innostuin väsäämään akvaariota pitkästä aikaa... Orkidealasikko ei oikein kukoistanut!

Paula said...

Hauska katti, jotain ilkeyksiä mielessä :D

Mama Elf said...

Tuire: Tässä oli niin valtavan hieno sauma tuollaiselle mairealle katille, etten voinut välttää kiusausta, varsinkin kun voin vannoa, että sillä puutarhassa viuhahtevella on juuri tuollainen ilme naamallaan.
Mitä kaloja sulla on akvaariossa?

Paula: Kyllä on, voin vakuuttaa!

Piijja said...

Ihanasti toteutettu sivu! Kivaa tiistaita sinulle!