Sunday, 10 March 2013

Journal March day 10

Here is my top ten list. I could choose any subject I liked.

I really, really struggled, because it felt as if I was choosing guess that was the point. I LOVE vegetables, full stop. I think the only one I don't especially like is okra. And I am fully aware that not all the guys on my list actually qualify in the strictest sense. There are both mushrooms, which are not even plants and a few other items which would really class as fruit. It's only a journal!


Rouva Kiljunen said...

Hienoja, persoonallisia sivuja muistikirjassasi!

Mama Elf said...

Kiitos Rouva Kiljunen!

Inari said...

Aivan ihana! Todella kauniita piirroksia, ja jaamme näemmä paljon suosikkeja :)