Saturday, 30 March 2013

March Journal days 28-30 and Happy Easter Tree

Helloo!!! Went awol for a while. I have been busy with life, so did not get the pages uploaded.

Day 28:  Stain your page

..or connect the item with the correct stain. Too much of wine and too late, what ever. I had problems as I did not really do or eat anything which would have given good stains, so here we go with rather vague staining.

Day 29: A funny and an irritating idiom.

This clearly invited participation from the family and as I happened to ask, I felt I better take their advice, since they were in total agreement  about this. The first one is the irritating and the second one is the funny:

You might notice that we are on a "Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy" kick here. Elf Son got the original radio series as DVDs for Christmas present and they have been played and replayed. He can fluently quote several aliens and certainly Marvin the paranoid android, so deliciously played by Alan Rickman. For those who are not familiar with the story the second quote is the equivalent of the first one amongst the  Shaltanacs. As it was such a mouthful to say, nobody ever bothered and they were the most contented inhabitants of the universe.

Day 30:  Scavenger hunt. Collect on your page:
  a yarn scrap
  a fruit sticker
  a piece of an envelope
  a (sticky)note 
 something round
 something green
 a bandaid

Aargh...I could not find anything really interesting. My note is from the bin...I was planning our train journey to York. The green is wrapping from one of the Elf Son's presents this morning. It's his birthday. This is the first time since his birth that the Easter Saturday is the 30th March. He was an Easter Bunny among many others. They had to open up an extra room or two that Easter on the maternity ward. What was special about Elf Son was that he was a boy. Most of the babies in that particular hospital that Easter were girls.

I could probably have sold that plaster in an antique shop, so old it was. We have some rather old stuff in our medicine box, which the husband rolls eyes about, but I keep, because hey, it will stick, won't it? The round thing is holes. The board is a bit of gaming counter board from "Dungeons and Dragons" game. Yes, he got that one. Thank you Vaari and Mummo! We have been playing the first adventure this morning and I AM the dungeon master, the evil one moving the monsters and knowing where all the traps are etc.

Here is HAPPY EASTER to you all. Elf son and I made an Easter/Spring tree yesterday and he decorated it with our Easter decorations. It was really easy to do. I used a bit of cello tape in the end to keep the strips of fabric in place. I did not need to tape in the beginning. This is a really good project for all the small scraps. ! saw the idea somewhere in the blogland and now humbly apologise that I did not take a note of where. So credit to whom it belongs.

Not great light, but I believe you can get the idea. A couple of detail shots to show you how easy this is.It looks best when not looked at this closely....

It's worth to let all the knobbly bits be under the wraps as this then gives you places where different things can hang from. I removed them from our first branch and that was not a good move.


Humppa said...

Ihana oksa, tämä idea pitääkin muistaa ensi vuonna..

Tuire Flemming said...

Hauskoja ufoja sun muistilapussa :) Silloin kun nuorempi tyttö asui vielä kotona, meidänkin lappusiin ilmestyi kaikkea hauskaa...
Katselin kanssa, että kivoja laastareita oli ihmisillä - mulla sellainen perus pötköstä leikattava.
Noi oksat on tosiaan hienoja! Jos vaikka pikkuneidin kanssa joskus värkkäis :) kankaita ainakin löytyy!
Ja paljon onnea päivänsankarille!!!

Selma said...

Aika vaaleita sotkuja sulla kyllä on , mutta lienevät sitten ihan aitoja.

Aarresivukin oikein kivasti sommiteltu.

Pääsiäisoksat ovat kauniita ja kiva idea. Kreppipaperilla on joskus tuohon tyyliin päälystetty, mutta kangas toimii näköjään paremmin. Hyvää Pääsiäistä :)

Inari said...

As always, your pages are just awesome! So inspiring.

Maria said...

Ihana oksa! Hauska idea. Aarteenetsintäsivulla juuri sellainen aito ja mutkaton fiilis, oikeasta elämästä palasia :)

Mama Elf said...

Kiitoksia kilteistä kommenteista. Tuo aarresivu ei inspiroinut yhtään ja kävinkin ihailemassa muiden enemmän inspiroituneiden sivuja ympäri blogistaniaa.

Paula said...

Huiput sanonnat! Mekin avopuolison kanssa tykätään kovasti Linnunradan käsikirjasta. Itse asiassa harkitsin laittavani lainaukseen: DON'T PANIC :)