Friday, 15 March 2013

Camera Bag

 This is my camera bag. I made it because I don't like the camera bags, which look like camera bags.  I prefer them looking like "regular" bags. This one is decidedly a handbag.  I also wanted to have space enough to have my purse, key, phone and bus ticket. Sometimes I use my bigger bag getting around and then I only need the protection for the camera, hence the quick release buckles in both ends of the strap. The bag is small enough to live inside my bigger bag.

I used a black and white IKEA cotton canvas, which I like for its graphic quality and durability. I used the special plastic mesh, normally used for bag bottoms also for the front and back to give my bag stiffness and to protect the camera. There is also an extra interface padding on both sides of the mesh. Inside I have a bigger dividing pocket for my purse and a little one for my phone.

Under the flap is a shallow outer pocket, good for tickets and such. The flap closes with two magnetic snaps.

 To get away from the danger of the camera somehow rolling out of my bag, I have little narrowing straps with snaps outside the bag. This allows me to get the camera out easily with enough space to get my hand properly around the camera.

Yes, the camera is a DSLR, but I do not need extra space for extra lenses for my holiday usage. It is the husband who takes the "proper" photos. (The camera in the bag is his, hence the very pregnant looking bag! Mine is smaller).My camera is actually a hand-me-down camera, which I shamelessly use as a point and shoot. I squirm a bit here, because there was a time, many moons ago, when I actually took proper photos as well. I have even developed my films and pictures when the work was still done on film and paper. Today there is a lot less hassle doing the developing on the computer. I do use Photoshop, but mostly I just cut and possibly give a helping hand with the light, which is often in short supply here.

Elf Husband noted that there had been a discussion on the photographic forum on this exact topic. Several lady photographers felt that the camera bag market was very male oriented in the design department. He suggested that I should market my handbag camera bags. That is not a bad idea...Any takers?

Ps. When I do not need my camera, I just use the bag as a handbag.


Kirsikka said...

Mahtavan hieno kameralaukku!
Mulla on sellainen pinkki Gollan kameralaukku mikä on ihan ok, mutta kyllä tuollainen olkalaukkumainen olisi paljon hienompi. Ei muuta kuin bisnes pystyyn! :)

Mama Elf said...

Kiitos Kirsikka! Ehkä mä ompelen muutaman. Tarttis kattoa noiden DSLR kameroiden mittoja. Ne kun voi olla aika erilaisia.

Vilma said...

Ompa hieno kameralaukku. Minullakin on sellainen Gollan kameralaukku. mutta aina, kun kanniskelen järkkäriäni siinä minulla on kauhean vainoharhainen olo. Tuntuu että joku varmasti haluaa pölliä sen. Siksi kannankin nykyään kameraa ihan tavallisessa repussa, mutta eihän se ole yhtä kätevä ja kaunis, kuin tuo sinun tekemäsi! :)

Mama Elf said...

Samalta on aina minustakin tuntunut, jos on kameralaukkua käyttänyt. Sittemin mullakin oli usein repussa, mutta tuntui siltä kuin sen kaivaminen olisi ollut ihan kamalan vaikeeta. Kyllä vielökin kannan esim repussa tilanteesta riippuen. Esimerkiksi tuolla rantakävelyllä reppu oli paras.