Monday, 11 March 2013

Birdie Skirt

I started this skirt over a year ago. It is made of wool suiting and lined. Unfortunately I have also managed to put some weight on, so the fit was not as good as I hoped. As I have on the other hand decided to get back at least where I was a year ago, I will adjust the skirt as my mass reduces. 

Yes, I am standing on a chair in a bad light, but what can a girl do? I am not exactly a fashion blogger and do not intend to be.

I had the idea of embroidering some folk inspired grasses and a bird in grey in order to not make the skirt too screamingly folksy. In the end I added the yellow bits as the grey alone was too boring.

I used an old invisible zip in dusty olive green. I don't have the special presser foot for this type of a zip, but I managed. In the picture I have "opened" the flaps a bit, so you see the "wrong colour".

Sewing this skirt was one of those moments when I realised that I have come some way as a sewist. It did not daunt me at all to line the skirt. It would have done a few years back. In the back there are only three bits of embroidery. (Sorry about the picture, just could not get it right)

This is how it looks on me from the side/back. (Says she twisting dangerously on a chair in front of a mirror!)

Any clothes sewing done in your end? Leave a link, I would love to see!

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