Tuesday, 15 January 2013

The three sisters


These two are now ready to travel to their new home.
Their little sister here did go earlier.

Isn't she cute? She is the youngest sister of the three I made. I have a friend who commissioned three dolls from me, one for each of her daughters. She is adopting the youngest one and is giving each of the girls a Waldorf doll with their features and favourite colour clothes. The picture is courtesy of my husband. I didn't get to take more pictures of the "baby" as she travelled to her new home earlier than the older ones.

I love to make these dolls as custom made orders. They become so special because I think about the child and their personality while I am making the doll with care and love. The dolls are obviously not strictly traditional Waldorf dolls, I play with adding features like eyebrows and sometimes dimples. My dolls are also in sewn clothes rather than in knitted ones. I do though honour the idea of natural materials. They are filled with sheep wool, which makes them really lovely to cuddle. Everybody wants to hold them, children and adults alike. This baby has actually also a knitted jumper she took home with her.

Now, let me indulge in the pictures of the two older sisters. Here is the oldest sister posing in her dress. Don't be fooled to think that she can stand. She is cleverly supported from behind, hence the sightly odd pose.

She can wear her boots up long and her warm sweater and be ready to go anywhere!

She has a lovely messenger bag and nice wooden bead bracelets.

 Here is the middle sister in her dress. She likes clashing colours.

She too has a sweater and a bag. And a very curly hair!

Her bag is keeping the dress safe on the way home.

The sisters do like each other.

And then for the unashamed self-promotion: Would you like to order a doll like these? I am open for orders and will send worldwide. I take payment through PayPal. You can email me for prices, if you are interested. I also make boy dolls and dolls suitable for younger children (0-3).
As the dolls require quite a lot work, you need to allow 4 weeks for making of a doll. (I might be quicker, but as a caution do calculate with 4 weeks as a standard). I would love to hear from you!

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