Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Juicy baby quilt

This was the other reason why I was so quick out of my bed last week; a baby quilt commission in juicy colours.

It is again the "Chinese Coin" model and measures approximately 105cmX117cm. The front is pieced from various quilting cottons and the back is flannel.

I machine pieced and quilted and then finished off by hand sewing the binding on the back. This time I quilted with a wavy free motion in yellow. I like the result.

The dedication patch is also hand embroidered and sewn.

I can hand quilt and quite enjoy it, but I cannot see that you can sell those pieces, if you want to have a salary for yourself. Or I should find some very wealthy clients for those ones...I guess for me they will always be pieces made for my family and friends.

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