Sunday, 27 January 2013

Bunny Baby

Who is napping on my bed?

Oh it's you! This Bunny Baby was made as a commission and was obviously needing a rest before its long journey to Canada.

The idea is an old one;  dolls with soft bodies and plastic face and sometimes hands have existed long. I have replaced the plastic bits with Waldorf type head and hands. In Maricristine Sealey's book "Making Waldorf Dolls" she shows something similar, but not quite the same. This is naturally my own pattern.

The animal ears are also a used theme.  I can remember seeing at least bunny ears and teddy ears on bought dolls. I offer choice of bunny, mouse, teddy, cat and "beagle" ears. You can have the baby without ears as well. It looks quite sweet with a pointy hood instead.

This is the doll which is more suited for a younger child. Very young children like to cuddle soft toys, throw them about, cart them around in buggies, bags and buckets. There is none or almost no interest in changing clothes for a dolly. To start with the fine motor skills won't allow for this anyway.

The doll's face is made from the same skin fabric, 100% cotton interlock jersey, as the other dolls. The features are embroidered as are the wisps of the hair to make the dolly more durable and safe for the smallest. It would be quite an experience for a little one who is still in his/her mouthing period to get a mouth full of mohair yarn. It is possible to make a little fringe of cotton, but it is not as durable option as the embroidered one.

 The filling is sheep wool, just like the other dolls. And as I just cannot make a doll without ANY clothes, she got a little skirt on. It has an elastic waist, so it is an easy "starter" piece of clothing both for taking off (which happens first) and putting back on. A Boy Bunny would wear elasticated short trousers.

The Bunny Baby is wearing a onesie made of high cotton content velour in colour choice of the customer.

This Bunny Baby ate lots of food before the travel, so her tummy is nice and round. She is ready for hugs and cuddles with her new dolly mummy.

She needed something to travel in apart from the normal packaging, so she got her own tote to travel in comfort.

Have you made anything inspiring for the younger children?

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