Sunday, 6 January 2013

Change of Year and Colours

This time of the year I can feel my colours changing. You know the reds and oranges and yellows turning into teal and turquoise and sometimes fuchsia. In my mind that is. I am simply reaching for different colours in my wardrobe and in my fabric stash. I used to spend a lot longer time in a colour in the past, but now I seem to get  largely through the rainbow in a year. I keep my base colours grey and white and very little black in the background all the year round. Before I felt always unsure about a new colour, because it felt as such a commitment. Now I am rather relaxed about "going off" a colour and won't get rid of a piece of clothing too soon. If I haven't worn something during last 12-18 months, then it might be recycled or re-purposed.

As I am not going to show my wardrobe with its washed and worn long sleeved t-shirts in all colours of the rainbow I thought I show you a set I made for a little girl last summer. I had bought simple polka dot cotton in an intense shadow of green for trousers and paired it with white peasant shirt made out of sheet cotton. The doily on the front was a thrift shop find and totally transformed the shirt to something special! Both the trousers and the shirt were made with very simple patterns, so sewing them didn't take long at all.

The little princess looked fabulous in the ensemble.

Do you shift your colours like a chameleon?

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