Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Christmas present review part one

I started in good time making my presents, yet it felt that I was working awfully hard to the deadline of sending them away. I don't know how that came to be.

One of my sisters wished to have a wash bag and/or make-up bag, so I made both for

I lined the wash bag with red waterproof fabric with polka dots from IKEA. I like their oil cloth as it is matte and slightly thinner than many of its counterparts. This makes it easier to sew.  I have previously made even a little rucksack of it and it worked beautifully. (I don't think I blogged about it...)

It is not that difficult to sew a wash bag, but it does take some time. I have to be extra careful of not making any mistakes as picking the stitches from plastic doesn't work! I was really pleased to find some turquoise ric-rac from my stash to give it a little kick.

I also added a face cloth in the same theme. I don't think I have blogged about these, but they are a great way of using good bits of ripped towels. As a bonus everybody can recognise theirs when they have different colours and appliques. I will show more of them later.

My other sister had not wished anything and we don't normally exchange gifts. I wanted to surprise her with just a little practical home made present. I made her a new shopping tote and decorated it with some crocheted "snow flakes". These were again a thrift shop find and one of my trusty go-to when  wanting to doll-up something.

The little bag on the side was my  moment of genius. You see how very handy it is? It fits perfectly in your bag.

 I really detest plastic bags as they are blowing in the wind and ending up in places they should not be. I have been using reusable bags for long and now I have gone one step further; I bring my own vegetable bags as well. So I sewed a set for my sister to take with her. I did make five, but at the point of photographing the fifth one did not have the string - I ran out of it and had to grab the moment, because the sunlight or even just reasonable photographic light have been in a short supply here.

This post became rather baggy, but that was largely the theme of my gift giving this Christmas. More to follow!

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