Sunday, 11 July 2010

Selfish Peasantry

Hello, hello from very windy Northumberland! I was half thinking gardening today, but the wind out there would drive me round the bend in no time. The only garden related work today was securing our polytunnel yet again. It has taken flight already once and I think we have to bite the bullet and turn it 90 degrees, so the sides turn to the East and West where the strong winds blow from. Having the ends towards the wind is to ask for trouble.
Well, I have not have a chance to sew much lately and the week gone has gone in tired haze after the weekend when I taught my Kinesiology Course. I don't normally need this long to recuperate, but life threw a couple of curve balls at me and hence I started to feel slightly like me again first on Thursday.

My intention was to press on with my project which is a present, but I found out that I have somehow lost my pair of little sewing scissors which are really essential for the project. I tried without, but managed already to have an accident and decided that I better pack the BIG project away today. So I decided to be selfish and sew this peasant blouse from Meg MCElwee's Sew Liberated book.

I had thought of this for a good while and because it is a true peasant blouse it fitted the bill today. It was an easy project to cut and sew without much ado. I am at the best of the times a hodge-podge seamstress and thrive best when the sewing does not have to be done by millimetre.  On the other hand when I manage to be precise there is no end to my self-congratulations. Anyway, this blouse would make an easy beginner project as the sleeves are so easy to sew on and there is absolutely nothing fiddly about the neckline either.

Meg uses in her blouse a linen-coloured linen with a little appliqué flower. I had this white linen-cotton blend fabric in my draw and there was just enough. I borrowed the birdies from Meg's other project. I appliqued them on with raw edges and hope that they fray and get more visible with washing.

The day has been really rather lazy for our family today, that's what we needed most. I was so lazy that I served this for our lunch:

The Boys did not object, although the Elf Son did request a sandwich as his pudding! Do you have any easy projects to share?

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