Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Herbal Goodness

Oooh...time runs away in the summer when I need to catch every possible sun-ray and mild skin caressing wind outside. I could literally spend a day pottering in my polytunnel, having a cup of tea in the chair placed in one of the corners and just soak in the serenity of that magical growing sphere.

I am not a herbalist, but like to make some easy home made remedies for us. We are not much ill, so remedies are very basic. My skin tends to get eczema during the winter so I gathered marigold (Calendula) petals for my bath. I also picked sage and rasberry leaves for hormonal balancing, should I need it and thyme and oregano for cooking.
My climbing rose yielded some flowers for petal baths and here are my bath petal jars:

I have since collected more marigold petals and even used them in my bath. The night I used them I was really tired and could not be bothered to wait for the water to drain to clean the petals away. I forgot about them and the following morning while I was enjoying my breakfast in bed, courtesy of Elf Husband, Elf Son came to the bedroom to announce: "Mummy, even if it is your un-birthday, you do have to clean up the mess from the bath".
Any nice home made remedies you have been  making?

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