Saturday, 3 July 2010

Many Pattullo's Artwork

For a while ago I visited Mandy Pattullo's art exhibition, which was on tour with the "Highlights". Highlights is an organisation, which brings art, music and drama to rural communities in Durham, Cumbria and Northumberland. Unfortunately I was so dazed with all the lovely work that I totally forgot to take any photos. Mandy has a blog, so you might want to see some of her work there. I bought one of her recent "small" pieces. She works with a theme for a time and "empties" it before moving on to her next "obsession"(Mandy's own words). Last year she has been working with "Thrift and Thread", using a lot of old materials to make new things. One of the sources has been old Victorian Quilts. My little bird has a piece of such a quilt. She has then embroidered the picture on it with traditional embroidery techniques. The theme before this was called "Memento Mori" and had some beautiful pieces inspired of the old gravestones. She had looked at especially women's headstones from Victorian era, when lots of women died in childbirth. The pieces she made were both beautiful, etheral and haunting. Do go and see her work if you have a chance.

 Back to her joyful piece and more details from it:

I have framed this in IKEA's white "Ribba" frame and I think I will hang it in my workroom. It does have a glass, so not that easy to photograph. I am always slightly in two minds putting glass in front of textile as it does take something from it - for the time being I am quite happy with it. My blogheading embroidery might be framed similarly and be hung next to Mandy's birdy.

Have you seen any inspirational art lately?

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