Friday, 22 February 2013

To buy or not to buy and where to buy

It's half term week here, so the blog will be quiet for a while yet. I just popped in slightly fuming from my shopping trip today. The Elf son's trousers suddenly all looked awfully tight/short/unfitting. He has grown again! And I have not held a keen enough eye on this, so have not prepared by buying fabric to make clothes for him. This is my new goal, try to keep up with my family's sartorial needs.

I had a mental shopping round in my head and decided to head slightly South from where we live to a bigger town to find a pair of trousers for him. I deliberately did not make a bee-line for a big supermarket, slightly closer by, oh no. I suspect the supermarket has very bad practices on its supply chain.

You know what? There was not one shop selling clothes in his size! OK, there was, but that was only school uniforms. We ended up in the said supermarket to buy one pair of jeans to save our butts for just now. That pair cost £7. I would have happily paid three times the price, if I had been assured that there had not been exploitation down the line. Because for £7 there has been, that's for sure. Don't feel proud of myself buying them and promise to keep better eye on his growing habits from now on.

Coletterie has an interesting book review and interview of the author on the same subject.

Have a great weekend!

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