Thursday, 7 February 2013

Craft Kiosk opening

Trat-dat-dat-daaah....My Craft Kiosk is open! LOOK, there is a tab there where you can see my current overflow of inspiration for sale.

I have had people ask me if I sell any of my crafts. Until now I have told them to tell me what they want to have and I will make it as a commission. This is still what I do. In addition I have added a tab on this blog, where you can see what I have kicking around in my hut. These things are made and ready to go, if you wish to purchase.

The small items have p&p in 2nd class UK mail included. Anything else and you have to mail me, so I can calculate.

PS.The picture is one of the pencil cases for sale.

1 comment:

Sanna said...

Asiaa! Mulla on yksi tilaus sisäänlaitettavana tuossa keväällä. Et varmaan arvannut, että kyseessä on the perfect skirt, part two :)