Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Re-purposing three sets of draws

 I love to see other people's houses, how they live, have decorated and generally organised their space to reflect the life they lead or not. I especially enjoy seeing other people's workspaces. I thought it fair to show some of my workspace. 

When I was putting my workroom together, I tried to do it with smallest amount of money and one of the strategies I employed was to look what I already had and possibilities of changing things. I have had these set of small draws from IKEA for yonks. They have been used a lot and then stored for a good while, when there was no need for them. They were originally untreated birch veneer. Under first round of service they were stained brown and for this project I painted them white with eggshell wood paint.

The draw fronts I decorated with some of my favourite fabrics, which I fastened with PVA glue. I could have given the fronts maybe another layer of glue to make them more varnished. I love the patterns and the colours and had an awful time deciding whether I should use these blue hues or go for red ones. I am still occasionally tempted to change the colours.

The green and turquoise knobs came from IKEA and were very cheap. I drilled holes on the draw fronts and used scissors to make a hole into the fabric. HINT: do not try to drill through the fabric as the threads will go round the drill bit and it will end in tears.

I also added castors to make the draws easy to move around. I think that I used glue, possibly "No more nails" for fastening the three "sets" onto each other.

Now it is easy for me to reach for my colourful thread and doll hair yarn

neutral thread, bits and bobs and vintage lace,

my needles, bobbins and measuring tapes.

And best of all, it  is all neatly out of sight when not in use.

Have you re-purposed anything lately?

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