Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Re-take One

 Sometimes my projects are fine to begin with, but then there is a problem as time goes, sometimes its just the usage the things get. I have had a few things needing re-doing in my kitchen and lately the issue has bothered me as much as to propel me into action. Remember my kitchen sweeties aka cabinet knobs? I blogged about them here. I used varnish, which seemed ok, smelled ok and brushed on ok. I did not heed my doubts about using a product which has travelled with me from country to country even shifted continents a couple of times. And actually, when I started to think about it, I know which project I bought it for and when. And hmmm...it was 15 years ago!

So the varnish started to get glue like and got gunky and unattractively dirty. I have now re-painted them and re-varnished with new varnish.

First time around I kept the colours slightly muted for the most.

I noticed though that I liked the bright ones best. I think I was a bit worried to make them too bright, but the amount of the colour is negotiable in the sea of white cupboards, tiles and walls. So this time around I have used brighter shades. Very Happy with the result : )

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