Sunday, 16 January 2011

More Hooting from the Owlery

When I finished the first owl purse, I just could not stop before I had tried a few of the variations in my head. 
This is the original guy:

Here is his girlfriend:

Then the stripy one with running stitches on the felt bits:

The green one with endearingly wonky "ears":

The Mustard coloured guy with wise expression:

and a row of owl bottoms: (just cannot resist...)

This has inspired me to think again about opening a little shop for my "overflow". Sometimes the inspiration is larger than my cupboards and a little help for material costs would not be bad either. I designed the banner for the shop this morning, but it also needs making. I want to do it in embroidery and applique, so it won't be here today...Well, there is no hurry for the shop opening, is there?

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