Sunday, 23 January 2011

Elf Mama's New Favourite Hand Bag

This is a bag I have been planning during the nights I haven't been able to sleep, not that there are many of them. The colour of the bag in the picture is far too blue, it is in fact teal coloured. I wanted to make something like this since Elf husband bought me this purse, which I love very much.

I love the big bobbles closing the purse, so wanted to have them in my bag too. In this picture you can see the true colour of the bag as well.

I just didn't have a clue how to attach the frames to the sewn bag. I tried to study each frame I had at home, but became none the wiser. Then I found my Bag Hero, Lisa Lam of Bag Bible fame. The instructions are not actually in the book, but on her shop web-site here. The outer fabric is remnants from my teal jacket I blogged about here.

I used nice wild "Emmaline" quilting weight cotton for the lining.  This is the other bag I made a pattern and a muslin for, amazing in my mind.

I like the metal clips which attach the strap to the bag. I had also purchased a chain, but decided that I liked a strap in the bag's own fabric better.

Now that it is all sewn and clued it will get a lot of outings! (Sorry about the blog turning into a bag blog lately. I promise to do other things as well!)
The fact that the bag widens in the bottom and seems to be able to room an awful lot for a little bag makes me think of Hermione's handbag in the latest Harry Potter film.


raita said...

I just love these bags of yours!

Mama Elf said...

Thank-you Raita. I apologise for missing your comment. Have been absent for a looong while. Maybe I could even sell some of these in the future!