Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Hannele Bag

I am on the roll with bags. It is really good fun to make them, now that I have learnt a few basic principles. This is totally my own design. The hotch-potch sewer, yours truly, has made first muslin in her life! Not for garments, oh no, but for bags. I actually started another bag before this and will show it as soon as it is finished.

This bag was in my mind a long time. I had made the first sketches last September, and now it is here. The bag changed slightly under the process, but for me that is normal.

A pattern and notes of everything needed for this bag was made, should I want to sew another one. That is something to celebrate in my book.

I was debating about the closure for this bag quite a while. I am all for closures, which keep contents safe, so was quite intent to put a zip on it. In the end I decided not to, but went for a magnetic snap.

It keeps the contents in quite ok, as the bag is not that deep. I also made the bag to be carried under the arm, which closes it even more. As I am all for versatility, I made the strap with adjustment, so I could carry it across my body as well.

Inside I have open pockets on one side:

and a zip pocket on the other.

I am not entirely sure, how wise this was as the bag is constructed with pleats. They seem to be ok, but I just might change this too. In general I am very fond of pockets in bags as I don't like hand-bag-soup where all the items are swimming in a merry mess.

All in all I am well pleased with my efforts. Now it only remains to decide whether to keep or sell this bag...

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