Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Merry Christmas!

Here is my gingerbread house this year. In my book I have cheated as I bought it as a kit from IKEA. Last year I did the same and it collapsed! My homemade one year before the last did the same, although my technique with melted sugar has improved since. I burnt myself only once today instead of having fingertips covered in blisters.

Pre-made kit route was chosen as I cannot bear the thought of going to all the hassle of making the house, which ends up in ruins as soon as I turn my back to it. I think that last year's disaster was due to using far too heavy sweets as decoration and just possibly the air humidity in this country.

We will see how this ends. The pictures are just a way to wish you lovely holidays, if I should not pop back before then. I have an excitable 8-year-old in the house, so entertainment is required. I thing I might even chase a few dust bunnies out of their hiding before Christmas, although that does not count as entertainment.

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