Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Baby Quilts

This year there were three babies born, whom I felt I wanted to gift with a quilt. Here are two of them, the last one is almost there and hopefully the baby will get it as a Christmas present. I have been shamefully slow to get these together, on the other hand the boy baby's quilt would not have had a name on before now, as the parents did not reveal his name before the Christening. The poor nephew of mine, who was the first of the three to be born is still waiting for his.

Baby Alyssa's quilt has many pink colours, unusual for me to use as I don't much like pink in my house or clothing. I must say that in the end I was quite loving it and wanted to keep it!

Mainly because I just loved the owl fabric

and the polka dot binding,

not to forget the back of the quilt that is made of sew together Edwardian piece of curtain or something. The handiwork is beautiful as you can see.

Baby Filip's Quilt was made of shirtings and old sheet to keep it lovely and soft.

There is just nothing to beat cotton, which has been washed many, many times in softness. I used the same polka dot binding, which lifted the mood of the quilt.

I thought that  rather make it like this than putting "baby" materials in it as it might lengthen the use of the quilt. Little boys often protest if things are too "sissy" in my experience, especially when they have big brothers around. I created a Scottie(?) dog playing with a ball with his embroidered name on the back as there were no pictures in the patchwork materials.

There will be one more quilt here, maybe first after the Christmas and maybe one day I will make one for myself as well!

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