Monday, 20 December 2010

Life's Little Luxuries

I love the feel of newly washed and ironed sheets. I am not that hot on ironing them, but I love the result, so I do it anyway. I always think of it as "buying" a luxury, when I am using my time ironing.
On my recent trip to IKEA I found new bed sheets for us. I had eyed them in the catalogue, but did not want to set my heart on them before I had seen them in person. They were just as I imagined. They are obviously machine embroidered, but I just love the red work on them.

No trip to IKEA is completed without a quick look around in fabrics department and this time I brought back the gingham, which I wanted to make to pillowcases to go with the new sheets.

We don't really sleep with two pillows, it's more so I can have some eye candy. The husband and son read the goodnight story on our bed and neither had noticed my gingham pillows, even though they were lying on top of them. My cousin says that this is normal male behaviour. He claims that he won't really notice any changes, which his wife has made at home unless she has moved the fridge or his bed. Well, at least I am free to do as I please with my home decorating and that is another lovely luxury!

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