Monday, 9 August 2010

Sewing Saturday

Saturday afternoon was one of those magically super powered afternoons when sewing mojo was with me, Husband did all the kitchen duties and the Son was otherwise entertained.

A while ago I gave in and bought two metres of Anna Maria Homer's voile in kiwi and a smaller piece in "Little Honey Meadow" pattern. I had my plan of making a tunic from an old sewing magazine, which I begged from a realative, when I was visiting Finland last winter. The magazine is from 2003, but most of the clothes in that number are timeless pieces and many of them to my taste. This tunic was "the easy beginner" project, so that was all really promising. Actually the pattern and the instructions were really easy, but in the interest of public health and safety, I needed some sleeves. The tunic is sleeveless and I don't feel that I can at my age publicly flash my overarms any more.

I needed to draft the pattern for the sleeves and then the arm hole was not quite right either and needed small darts. All in all I think I faffed as long time with the sleeves as with the rest of the tunic. The colour is nice, but not quite what I expected, you know screens and colours and all that. It just isn't quite sitting right with me. I think it is a tad too yellow and far too light shade at that. So now I am comtemplating to make a shorter overlay of the patterned piece. It would also solve the problem of the sheerness of the voile. Otherwise I need always to have something under the tunic and that would be pity as it feels just wonderful on my skin. I would agree with several other bloggers that it has a "buttery" feeling to it. This unexciting picture shows the colour better:

Elf Husband had asked me to make a new holder for his new phone, which is bigger than the old one. None of my phone covers in my stash fitted, so I made an entirely new one. As he wants to have it attached to his belt at work, a belt strap was added as well. To avoid the strap being pushed together on the belt and to stiffen the whole works some plastic was added both inside the back and the belt strap.

Husband carries also a whole lot of keys at work. When they are in his pockets the trousers look awful after only a few weeks. I made a key pouch for him last year, but that has been worn down. I had bought the material for a new one, but had not made it yet and as I was on the roll, decided to tackle that as well. The pouch got the same new elements as the phone holder. It has got a loop added for the key chain, so the keys cannot get lost. The pouch is made of denim so thick that if you sew trousers out of it, they would stand by themselves, no problem. I even made it double in the main parts of the pouch. I would have never ever attempted on this with my old sewing machine, but my new one is just a dream. I think at one of the corners I had six layers of the said denim to go through and the machine did it without a hiccup! I love that machine and think that everyone should have one like it. It is so much easier to sew neatly with a good machine.

I was still contemplating the not quite pleasing colour of my tunic, when my creative juices started flowing to improve the look with long necklaces. Of course I had to make two of them to check out my theory. In the end I liked them even better with my white peasant blouse. I looked very hippy wearing them both together! I think the overlay for the tunic is definitely in the cards...

Have you had a super charged day of creating lately???Let me know!

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