Friday, 6 August 2010


I am back with a non-foody post, yihaa! Elf son insists having a red bathrobe. I managed to get one secondhand for him last Christmas. Unfortunately it had two draw-backs; It was advertised as being cotton, which it is not and it is made for bean poles. The overlap on the front is really not big enough and even on a bean pole it would open up with movement.
I also insist on cotton bathrobes as they are safer and in my mind nicer on the skin. I was given in my teens a fluffy looking fleece robe and it was the itchiest thing ever. After that I have only used toweling robes. If your child grows at the same rate as mine it is eyewatering exercise to buy something like a toweling robe. They come only in limited colours and are SO expensive. Ergo, I had to make it. 


Luckily the local fabric store had terry toweling in red. It was not the cheapest project, but certainly cheaper than a shop bought one. Elf son was pleased. I noticed that I had made it slightly short, I had intended to have a longer length to allow for growth. The sleeves have this, so I might simply add some length when the time comes. (Yes, with a really unprofessional horizontal seam...). Sorry about the horrendous pictures taken with flash, so dull here today and I had no patience!

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