Saturday, 20 December 2014

Shirt dress aka hippie tent

This is the dress, which is quite like my dress for general usefulness, but made with the original pattern.

I found this shirt dress pattern on Merchant and Mills and simply could not resist. I seldom buy patterns, because I have a good selection of sewing magazines with patterns. I also favour certain type/model clothes and re-use the patterns over and over again. This pattern is going into that pile.

Unfortunately I was slightly wary of the sizing and did not bother making a toile as I should have. So I erred on the large side. My two other dresses I made smaller especially over the shoulders.

The fabric comes from the same place and is woven in India on a hand loom. It means that it has character and knots and all sorts and I LOVE IT! It is very light, summery weight, so I should actually pack it away from my mid-winter wardrobe. It is fine to  use in spring/autumn with long sleeved t-shirts and tights. Wearing it is a bit like running around in a nightdress from the comfort point of view.

The main picture has got that weird effect that sometimes happens with stripy patterns and camera, but you can see the true pattern and texture below. The fabric is called "Newsprint", should you be interested. The shop is delicious and I have to restrict my visits to their site, so I won't blow my sewing budget.

The hem, which has the shirty curve. In the other two dresses I straightened it and made side slits.

The smock detail and a good look at the texture of the fabric.

I could finger this fabric forever. It is just cotton, but so nice and light and it has that unmistakable "handmade" feel to it.

Do you have any places you find great fabrics from on the net? Leave a comment, so I can have a look,  I am always interested finding new places!

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