Saturday, 27 December 2014

I was Socked

and then a bit shocked by the fact that I managed to knit all these socks in time. I don't think that I have ever knitted this many pairs in one go. The giftees were happy with them, so I am OK. (Sorry about the picture quality, this time of the year is tricky with light...)

I must say that the two pairs with white and grey and some colour theme teased me a fair bit. One of the socks took a week to make! A week! That was because I had to unravel and redo bits of it several times. I got the heel wrong, I used wrong grey, made a pattern go wrong way and used yellow instead of orange. I don't know where my concentration went during those times.

The second pair had its moments as well, but in addition I didn't seem to get it right from the beginning. I started them at least three times. In the end I ended stopping a sock after doing the heel. I still have it and might make a spare pair for myself out of that beginning. The colours just didn't seem right for the recipient...

These pink-orange-red ones were the speediest, off my needles in three days! (I don't knit all day long, just some spare moments and evenings).

The slate grey ones were fine, but the fact that anything this dark is just so much slower to do, because the stitches are more difficult to see. I did remember after a while, why I avoid making these, although I like the result.

Sorry about drowning you in knitty pictures, but indulge me, I am not really a knitter, so this was an achievement! Have you knitted anything lately? Leave a link as I would love to see!

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