Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Wind Surfing Elf Son

Elf Son has long been looking for a sport he would enjoy. There is not that huge selection available locally and many boys like their football. Elf Son has specific problems both with his spatial awareness and gross motor skills as so many others with Asperger's syndrome. Team sports are thus out. We have been talking about wind surfing over the winter and he was willing to have a go at it. This month was time to test it and he loved it. It is still a challenge, quite a lot more for him than for people who can coordinate their limbs without difficulty.

I am so proud of him and his staying power. Last week on Wednesday night it was both raining and blowing at wind force 5. He struggled with all the other beginners and even the more skilled ones had their problems. The wind was gusty and there were white horses on the lake. He did not get much surfing done, but it was still a good exercise in balance!

Have you ever tried wind surfing? I am rather tempted, but admit that with age I have become quite ridiculously intolerant of cold water. As a child I used to swim and play in lakes for hours. I remember my grandmother shouting from the shore that I should come up or I would get urinary infection. As it happens,  I never did!

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