Saturday, 10 May 2014

Allotment Allure

That is SO hard to resist. I think I might sleep there if I could. There is not much to show as yet, nothing much growing.  I have made great big inroads in clearing the main growing space and have planted my potatoes and onions as well as sown carrots, beetroot, turnips, spring onions and an assortment of leaves and herbs.

Mint and chives. I cleared the bit to the left of this bed today and sowed dill there. Left some space for both parsley and coriander seedlings growing in the greenhouse at the moment.
 This week we also took a delivery of raspberry canes, black currants and strawberry plants. I could have moved some of my old strawberries, but decided to take the chance to plant some older and tastier varieties. This means that our allotment won't be producing any berries this year, but we should have some next summer.

The area around the hut/greenhouse is a mess and will be done slowly during the summer. I also have hopes up to erect a new polytunnel, quite similar in size and design to my last one.

On one side my neighbours have a great big building full of racing pigeons. They get their exercise over the gardens and it is a very special sound when a flock of them flies just overhead. They don't eat from the allotments as they are well fed. It is their wild cousins, who tend to decimate any kales they can spot.They coo very cosily while I am gardening.

If you strain your eyes you might see the long thin green asparagus. They are one-year old crowns, so still far away from being eaten. Behind them are my baby strawberry plants. The building in the background is the pigeon coop.
 I think I might be a bit of an exotic animal amongst my immediate neighbours. It is hard to tell quite yet, as the plants are small or not even started, but I have a feeling that all my neighbours are very traditional growers. They plant their tatties, carrots, beets and cabbage and put maybe beans and peas in as well. I have already things like asparagus and globe artichokes growing. (Both moved with me) and they have been pointed out and wondered about, hehe.

This is our pea fence. The black fence was on the allotment, but was not built with much timber, so we bought some posts and horizontals. I am so excited by this one!

You can see a single globe artichoke on the right against the black fence. I think I have eight plants altogether.

Well done if you read all the way here. I write these postings very much for myself to remember what I have done and when. How is your garden growing? Leave a link if you have pictures, it would be lovely to see!

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