Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Seaside Memories Workshop

In the beginning of June I attended a workshop with the title above. It was given by Mandy Pattullo, a gifted and generous textile artist. We made textile collages with seaside themes and the above was my main collage. It takes quite a while to get it right and then stitch it together. As usual Mandy had a pile of lovely fabrics with her, as well as shells and other things. I had taken stuff with me; the feathers, drift wood and the sea glass in the picture later. After I came home I attached my pictures on pieces of linen. They were not attached on a piece of matting in the moment of photographing as they should be and  the linen background could do with ironing again.

I think the picture tells better than words about the techniques, but if there are any details you want to know, just ask. If you are wondering about the driftwood and the big shell, they were glued with a hot glue gun. (Horror of horrors, cheating!)

Mandy was encouraging people using mostly glue gun in their smaller pieces, maybe just using a lot of shells and a few stitches. I had to stitch the second one as well, that's just me. Obviously the glass and wood are glued.

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