Monday, 29 July 2013


I cannot say that I am that organised at the moment, although I am an organised person by nature. I made some more of the jars I showed here to use in the kitchen. I am not sure how often I actually need the painted label on the jars, but decided to add them anyway. These jars have dried rose and Calendula petals for later use in my homemade soaps.

The great achievement was this: I finally got around to paint all the jar lids of my spice jars. They are ordinary glass jars from mustard, mint jelly etc. I always keep these little ones as they come handy often. Previously I had put a little white sticker on the lid with the name of the spice and cellotape over it to make it waterproof(ish). It was entirely functional, but not nice to look at and at times difficult to spot the spice I needed.

I am so pleased with the result, especially as I am nearing the age when reading glasses might become a must. The bigger and bolder the writing the longer I can pretend that I don't need them as yet.

A good while ago I found an old ugly folder and covered it in IKEA waterproof fabric. (I am a messy lady in the kitchen). I used PVA glue to attach all the fabrics, easy-peasy!

Inside I clothed this home organiser in polka-dots and pockets. I keep my home accounts, recipes for food and homemade cleaning stuff in it as well as the receipts of the current month. I also pop into the pockets all sorts of coupons, which I am unsure whether I need or not and weed them out regularly.

  In the picture you see a chart. It tells me how much children should sleep at different ages. That's just an example what ends up here. I also have extra labels for preserves, stickers(??) and shopping lists. Basically random stuff which is used , but does not merit a folder for itself. I don't really want a home-planner with cleaning routines, Christmas count-downs, party planning and so on like some uber organised ladies. This is enough for me and it can be changed as needs must. I do like that the folder looks and feels good in my hand as I use it almost daily.

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