Tuesday, 16 November 2010


How did this happen? It was just Halloween and now it is the 15th? I am sure somebody or something has accelerated the time recently. Now, vikings...after the great performance at the local theatre as the King in Cinderella, my son needed a viking costume. His school is doing lots of practical history activities letting the children to cook over open fire, re-enacting viking and Anglo-Saxon meetings (wars?) and so on. The children have been encouraged to come in viking clothes and a letter came home with suggestions how to make them.

Elf son has clearly cottoned on that he has a mum who can "make", so there was no end to his wishes as what he needed.  I made the tunic and a wrap. Last Friday I pushed myself to produce the helmet in the evening well knowing that I would not be able to do it on Sunday after I was back from weekend in Edinburgh. I left the father and son to produce a shield for the brave viking warrior and when I came back he had not only a shield but an axe too.

Sunday evening the viking was still pestering for arm rings. I just could not muster the energy, but have now thought a way of doing them, so I might surprise him later this week. I will show how to make them, if I get around to it. In our case all the paraphernalia needs to be weather resistant as they play outside.

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