Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Stationery and Shameless Self Promotion

This pretty CD case contains files for my friend's new stationery; business cards, compliment slips and letter paper. A while ago she saw my new business cards, which I designed by myself. She was just running out of her stack, so she asked me to design new ones for her. She wanted to be able to print her own stationery as and when needed. She also liked the idea of having a design made for her. Her business is dance, drama and storytelling, so the theme went with it.

She had also asked for greens and blues as the dominant colours. Otherwise I had free hands.

The pictures suffer a bit from that I printed on normal paper rather than card and thick paper, but you get the idea. I must admit that it is easier to design for a person whose personality I know and these felt right for her. Luckily she agreed! So I as you might guess I am open for new commissions...

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