Saturday, 30 October 2010

Red and Polka Dots

I absolutely love the autumnal red of the rose hips and the strong green of the stems together with the turquoise glass vase. I have been revelling in reds lately. Our dining table have been decked in this:

It is not there anymore as it was not intended to be used as a table cloth. It is wax cloth from IKEA and I bought it for protecting the table when Elf Son gets crafty with glue etc. I had to try it and could not resist letting it be for a while as our round table resembled a toad stool!

For a while ago I had a stall at a health fair and as they also had crafters there I took some of my things with me. I wanted to do something new and it needed to be quick to produce, so I made a box full of Suffolk Puff pins. I love them myself and as I didn't really sell them, I might as well use them myself. My poor friends and the family are bound to be gifted with them in the coming season.

Otherwise I have not been very crafty, just sewn some costume bits for Elf Son's upcoming theatre performance. He is doing the Disney Musical "Cinderella" at the local Theatre and is casted as the King. Otherwise I think he has chorus parts along all the others, so there is need for all sorts of "basics" such as brown trousers, black leggings, white collarless shirt etc. The bits I have needed to sew or adjust from thrift finds are not exciting enough to show.

On the home front I got my act together to hang up this picture by Mandy Pattullo, which I have blogged about here and framing my blog picture to accompany it.

Here is rather a bad picture of the wall.

Can you see the little wooden clown on the other side of Mandy's picture? It continues my polka dot theme nicely:

I love its worn looks. I originally bought it in a thrift shop in order to give it as a baby gift, but decided that I could not part with it!

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