Thursday, 14 October 2010

Autumn Dress

My crafting can be in a very small place at the moment, but I did manage to liberate a Sunday afternoon to sew this dress. I have been using it a lot. It reaches just under the knee and can be used as a dress or a tunic. I used a pattern from Ottobre Autumn/Winter 2008. The sleeves have been adjusted from gathered and short to straight and longer. The armhole and the sleeve needed to be made bigger as well, it feels as if the pattern has not been enlarged in this area going up the sizes. I can attest that size 6 arm hole is very different from size16. Although I might just have really fatty over arms. Even when I was a skinny minny, the armholes seemed to be a an issue.

I like the pleats on the front

and the yoke in the back with the centre seam

Now this is a little competition to my family: Can you identify the fabric? (Don't look down yet!)

Yes, that is the curtain which was in front of the coats and shoes in my Grandma's flat. I always liked it and grabbed it, when nobody else wanted it! I get quite a kick about this fact, especially when people are paying compliments to me about my dress. ; )

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Sanna said...

Kattelin heti että onpa hieno kangas, mutta en tunnistanut :) Hieno on mekkokin!