Thursday, 6 May 2010

Notebook Frenzy

I am going on a course in the coming weekend. (Not craft related). The only "thing " we are required to bring is notetaking equipment. The idea of a personalised notebook has been lurking in my mind for a good while since I read Amanda Blake Soul's book "Handmade Home". I took the inspiration from Amanda, but decided against the spiralbounding. Instead I did some home devised bookbinding. I do not have a clue about real bookbinding, so I just figured out something I could do with my sewing machine. (Yes, the needle does need changing now).

I am not normally a "pink" person, but today it felt very important that this project was swathed in pink fabrics, ribbons and cute buttons.
I also filled the rather thin notebook with different colour pages and as it is for myself I added some pictures and slips of  edging for inspiration here and there. There is even a page of handmade paper purely because it looks and feels good. I don't think I can write on it!

After the weekend edit: This is one of those really odd things. During the weekend I took notes of the "balance" that I gave to my partner on the course and wrote them in this book. Next morning I had very strong urge to give the book to her, so I did. I think that I was actually making it for her, hence the pinkness of the project! The book was widely admired on the course and there were questions of whether I would make them for sale. I shall see...

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