Sunday, 30 May 2010

24hr Cafe

I am in process of redecorating our kitchen. It really needs a new coat of paint and as I mentioned earlier, I wanted to change the colour as well. I was actually really happy with the burnt orange walls, but they restrict escapades to colourful kitchenalia. My only worry about the white walls is how long they might stay white. The orange walls hide to a large extent candle wax, food stains, snot...What? You don't have snot on your walls? Don't have anybody in the family sneezing at any opportunity?
So I went yesterday down to the paint shop with my chosen colour slip. They made a little pot of it, so I could try it in situ. And it was BAD. Not the effect I wanted at all. The gray tint in the white made my kitchen tiles look dirty. They are slightly off white and so are the cabinet doors. I decided that I needed another colour, maybe slightly yellowish. And that was luckily the right one. The white looks white, it just is the effect it has or rather has not on other things around it.
In the midst of filling the holes in the walls and calling the Electrical Elf aka husband to help with  moving a light fitting I had time to do a bit of preparation for the new bright colours that are going to invade the kitchen.
Truth to be told this little sign was a gift to Elf husband a couple of years ago as he always tastes new foods and especially cakes we make with "the cafe" in his mind. This is something he dreams of, although I have told him that he would drink all the profits making  all sorts of coffees for himself all day long...

Now the sign is nice (I of course forgot to take a "before" picture, so in the picture I have already started to repaint the sign), but I wanted brighter colours, so this is what happened to the sign:

 Rather funky or what? And it's really good that my Coffee Elf keeps the shop open at all hours of the day!

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